• We add intelligence to any building.

    Intelligent buildings are no longer a thing of the future. Quantify Technology can convert any home or building into a truly intelligent one.

  • Simply ask

    "Alexa, dim the lights to 50%"

    You talk, your home responds. Our truly intelligent solution provides conversational voice interaction that's so easy to use, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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  • Energy Management Made Easy

    Tired of trying to make sense of data and graphs in order to lower your energy bills? We provide the hardware, tools, and real-time management that does it for you so you don't have to change the way you live.

  • Care That's Always There

    Our technology provides environmental awareness, risk assessment and voice-activated control that allows you and your loved ones to live safely and independently for longer.

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simple. Innovative. Limitless.

Making lives better is at the heart of what we do. It's why we create solutions that make a difference in our homes, workplaces, and communities.

Truly intelligent buildings

Visionary innovation

Our revolutionary fully networked computing framework consists of secure, intelligent light control and power outlet devices and the Quantify Qumulus Cloud. It's cost effective, simple to install, scalable and extensible.

Retrofit or new

Works in any building

Easily install our truly intelligent solution into any existing or new home or building using standard power cabling. It’s affordable and future-proof by offering flexible configuration options to suit people's changing needs.

Limitless Applications

Designed for people

Our truly intelligent home solution is designed for people-easy and convenient to use and control, either by touch, voice or app. It's designed to support and enhance the lives of young and old.

The smartest most advanced computing framework

The glass Touch Panel, accentuated by the Trim Ring, provides a choice of user interface in a range of decor options. User-upgradeable product releases provide new functionality via additional sensors such asmovement, gas,temperature and humidity. The evolution of the product is limited only by the imagination.

Mounted into the wall is the main control unit. Utilising standard power cabling, it is wired into lighting and other electrical devices. It features monitoring, dimming and control of the electrical devices wired to it. This part is installed by a qualified person, such as an electrician.

The user-upgradeable Feature Card card provides secure networking capability and connects to our cloud platform, Qumulus, for extended functionality. The wireless card can be replaced by users with different radios, memory, feature and technology upgrades as they are released.

Touch Panel Dimmer Switch

The humble light switch
re-imagined. You will love it

Need a quick light? Simply swipe across the touch panel or tap the large illuminated buttons to control and dim lights individually.

You decide what your touch performs, easily customise any button to control a single light or a group of lights, local and remotely. Select from a list of expertly designed scenes such as “relax” or “focus” to create the perfect lighting environment with a simple touch of a button.

And should you wish to update the panel style to suit a new decor, you can do that yourself too.

So much more than a light switch, take control with our intelligent wirelessly connected Touch Panel Dimmer Switch, our innovative most advanced computing platform.

Touch Panel power outlet

The intelligent power outlet that puts you in control

Easily monitor power consumption and control every appliance that is connected to the Intelligent Touch Panel power outlets by voice, touch, app or even from your Touch Panel Dimmer switch — it’s all seamlessly connected.

Or if you prefer, let your intelligent home take care of it all by applying  smart energy management rules and automations that can help you save money and allert you if an appliance is on when it shouldn't be.

Always know and control how much energy each connected appliance consumes.

WiFi auxiliary controller

A little but very powerful device that smartens up your old-school appliances

Easily integrate and control external systems and appliances such as air conditioners, alarm systems and garage doors with the Quantify WiFi Auxiliary controller.

For example when you leave your home simply say: “Alexa good bye” and all non essential appliances and devices turn off while the home alarm system is activated automatically. No code and no key fob required, convenience and energy conservation at the same time.

Monitor and control old school non-WiFi systems, appliances and devices.

Decorative trim rings

A ring to suit any decor

Complement the Quantify devices with decorative trim rings that are available in anodized aluminum or in plastic in your choice of colour to suit your home’s decor.

Intelligent Living Experiences—Made Simple

Look, Mum, no hands!

Our solution integrates with the latest technology in voice-control and automation, including the incredible Amazon Alexa.

"Alexa, set the timer to 1 hour"

"Alexa, dim the kitchen light"

Living better—intelligently

Making lives better is at the heart of what we do. Our affordable, easy-to-install framework puts ease and convenience at your fingertips. And in case that feels a bit too indulgent, our technology manages your energy usage, offers real-time assessments, and warns you when safety issues arise.

Imagine coming home to find the temperature set just where you like it, your lights warm and welcoming, and your shades already drawn. Our solution allows you to customise your living spaces to your preferences.

No more second-guessing

We've all been there. Getting the kids to school, rushing out the door, and suddenly it hits you—did you turn off the stove?

Our solution offers peace of mind, allowing you to monitor appliances, energy usage, and security issues with ease. Less hassle, more convenience—doesn't that sound nice?

Making sure your loved ones are looked after

We all want to live independently for as long as possible, but safety, security, and well-being become increasing concerns as we age.

Quantify Technology's platform evaluates patterns, assesses risks, and alerts chosen family members if issues arise. Simple, conversational voice commands put your loved ones in control of their environment—so they can live independently and safely for longer.

Simple and easy to plan, install, setup and configure

installation planner.png

Installation Planning

Planning made efficient

The powerful and simple to use Quantify Installation Planner tool helps to plan and design a single intelligent home or a whole block of apartments easily and efficiently. It's a sophisticated, purpose built application that will help you save time and money.



Quick and easy to install

A qualified electrician installs and physically wires up the Intelligent Dimmers, Power Outlets and Auxiliary Controllers using standard power cabling. He conducts the electrical safety testing and signs off on the installation.



Simple to configure

DIY or get in touch with one of our qualified partners who sets up the network and configures the Feature Cards. Based on your personal preferences, he creates light groups, customises scenes and automations and ensures that the system is working properly.

Some of our intelligent residential and commercial conversions


Residential Application

Portico, Sydney

Quantify has retrofitted a prestigious Portico apartment with its intelligent home system.

uwa medical and dental library.jpg

Commercial Application

UWA Medical & Dental

The whole building’s lighting system is controlled, monitored and managed by the Quantify intelligent home solution.

lindfield apartments.jpg

Residential Application

Lindfield, Sydney

Quantify has installed its intelligent home system into all Lindfield apartments.